Weekly Contests shout out!

Christine, From Dates to Diapers and Beyond is having a giveaway for THIS (Ziggy Stardust Loves Nicole")Rockin Baby Pouch from Rockin' Baby Shop. Since I didn't win Stephs giveaway I GUESS I just have to keep on tryin'! So I went pretend shopping at Rockin Baby and seriously they have the cutest fabrics! My favorites are the "Gypsy Punk", Strawberry Fields Forever", "White Shadows ", Everything on THIS page, and for MASON anything on THIS page!!! In the Pouches I like the"Seasons in the Sun ", "Patience", "Flower in the Sun", "London's Calling", and especially the "Piece of My Heart"(I love Janis Joplin).

Wish me luck! ;-D

Rocks in my Dryer has a giveaway blog, Bloggy Giveaways, where each day there is a new great item added to the list of giveaways. Just follow the directions on each post to enter each contest.

* Shoe Charmers - Enter by September 11th
* Ciao Bella - Enter by September 14th
* Loop De Lou (TWO winners) - Enter by September 15th

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