Masons First Day in Kindergarten.

Today he learned . . .
"NOTHING, Mommy."
(was his exact words when he got off the bus.)

"Really NOTHING?"

"NOPE, but I did wike how we pway'd all day"
Man thats reassuring!

*Notice the number on his right hand? Daddy and mommy wanted to make sure that Mason got on the RIGHT bus that afternoon.* No problem right? Well we didn't prepare for the bus driving PASS the house...and our son not getting home for an hour 1/2 late!!!! :-/

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  • Crazy Working Mom said...

    OMG, did you freak out when the bus went past your house?! I would've been chasing it for sure. He looks so cute. :) Congrats to the big guy.

  • Wendy said...

    Look at him hanging out with the chicks already;) I CAN'T believe they did NOT get him on the right bus! My WORST fear when Wesley started kindergarten.