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I had someone ask me a question on here in the comments (I deleted it already) but it was left by someone that apparently has no tact or or couth! Please be mindful that as I am an open book this is my personal life and some chapters need to stay closed, or simply not needed to be published for thousands to read. IF you have a personal question and you have enough guts to ask me (NOT anonymously) then feel free to email me. [mooremommy{at}gmail{dot}com]

[I don't mind anonymous comments, I just don't appreciate when someone tries to maliciously hurt me or my family.]

That being said. . . feel free to ask away.

1. When you got pregnant w/ Mason did you automatically know you wanted to breastfeed, and why? was it hard at 1st?
**When I got pregnant with Mason my first thoughts were not on breastfeeding let me assure you of that! It was in my second semester of college. I knew I wanted to breastfeed by the time I was 5 or 6 months pregnant. I had no idea that I was going to be such a "good milk cow". Mason had no problems latching on and Terri was even better! It came very natural for me. My only problems both times was that I did indeed produce sooo much milk that I got mastitis (twice with Terri Jade) {Warning: Don't read if your squeamish} Mason and Terri are both boo~bey babies! (You have to pronounce it booo~bay~LOL) But Mason sucked sooooooo hard that he sucked a blister (I can't explain it unless you've had this happen to you) and it was soooooo painful...but if I failed to keep nursing on that side i would have gotten engorged. So like the 3rd or 4th day it burst in his mouth and I swear the little stinker butt kept right on nursing. Ewwww...I'm glad that I has my lactation nurse on speed dial (she happens to be my aunts friend and used to work on the same floor as my g-ma!)

Let me warn all you 1st time nursers...(if you've made it this far without passing out!) it takes work and is often alot more time consuming than formula feeding but it connects you to that baby in a way that I can't explain. There is absolutely nothing wrong with formula...Mason had to go to formula when I went back to work (you try to pump while waitressing~)

ohh and Y did I opt to breastfeed? duh!!! cheap!!!!! oh and of course good for the baby!
2. How do you "wean a baby"?
Well I can tell you how NOT to wean a baby if that helps!!! LOL!! B/C Miss T is ummm well she likes her some boobey!
1. Don't take a bath with a weaning baby...b/c eventually she's gonna look over and see those fun bags!!
(what its like quiting white bread and someone eating a FRESH BAKED YEAST ROLL in front of U!!!!)
2. Don't get undressed in front of your baby while its close to her usual feeding time!
3. Do NOT wear a strapless top/dress while carrying a weaning baby. (Easy access to dem boo beys!!!)

So with that said all I can offer is be consistent. Even though they push away regular milk (or if your supplementing formula) they will eventually get the taste for it. With Terri I cut back her feedings and started a mid day formula bottle. That after two weeks turned into a mornign and mid day formula bottle (still nursing at night) and THEN a mid day sippy cup of milk. . . .and after three weeks she is officially just a regular milk girl. (I still give boob at night but sometimes she isn't interested!!!)
I want to know why you named your daughter Terri??!!
We named our daughter Terri because it was my husbands mothers name. {She committed suicide 6 years ago on June 01} Terry (Clints mom) was a phenomenal woman. (very hard shoes to try to fill) Not that I'm trying to fill them but with no mom around I am definitely the only woman he can go to. No one knows why she did it (or even if she did) she was a VERY happy person. She was a single mom raising Clint (SPOILING HIM ROTTEN!!!) and he absolutely had everything he probably ever wanted. She was the family crutch you could say. Even though Clint was raised by his mom Terry managed to raise him around his dads family. When I first met each and everyone of Clints family members they eventually all would get on the subject of Terry and I would hear all the wonderful stories of her caring ways generosity and continuous love. As I took care of Clints paternal grandmother she would tell me all the time about Terry and how much she knew we would get along. Clint and myself often talk about how it would be to have her around and how much different our lives and our kids lives would be. (meaning she would probably kidnap them LOL) I (so I hear) am very similar to Terry in many ways. . . I'm a giving loving person yet at the same time I'm not the one to be messed with.

Jade, (Terris middle name). . . .well we were going to name Terri Terri Lynn_ _ _ _ _ but we thought that it sounded way too MH! LOL (country) But Clints grandmothers (the one I took care of till she passed) name was Evelyn and I wanted to use Lynn after her. (and talk about a firecracker!!!) The lord DEFINITELY knew what he was doing putting us two together!!! But come to find out that Clints moms name was Terri Lynn (LOL Clint never knew his moms middle name he always thought her middle name was her maiden name! LOL) And Lynn was also my moms middle name . . . .so we figured we would think of something else. . . .so on one random day i called Clint and said . . .Jade? and he said ohh my GOD I was going to say the same thinG. . . esp? So thats where it came from! (Made a short story didn't I?)

4. How did you and your husband meet!
Clint and myself met in kindergarten!!! No LIE (Andrea can I get a lil back up?) We've known each other our whole lives and even grew up maybe TWO whole miles apart! Ironic? YEP Throughout high school my best friend used to constantly tease Clint (yes tease!~and I don't mean pick on either ;-) She is awful. I promise it was all in fun. If I could get Andrea to scan the picture I would post it of them two in high school. (I was the photographer) But through out high school I dated an older guy who already finished school. After we graduated I was out with a bunch of the guys (not gong to admit where we were~LOL!!!!!) and bumped into CLint.

"Awe CLint HEY!!!!!!" ::big hugs:: "HEy Amandas in town (did this to tease him) we should all get together" He was just like yea sure gimmie your #! Well time went by and we still never talked. (it was NOTHING ROMANTIC AS OF YET!) But finally I bumped into him a bar he was bouncing at and he was being flirtatious and was like please call me. . .I had my own place with a roommate so I called him one night and said just this "I'm cooking Heathers not home you wanna come chill?" So he came over ate (a BOMB pork tenderloin and asparagus!) and we watched movies and BAM he jumped on me and kissed me. Which I could not get over how awkward it was at first(b/c we had known each other so long) but then gave him a hard time b/c it took him all night to kiss me!!! (Ohh I was probably wearing my shortest pair of shorts LOL)

A few months (weeks :-D) later he told me he loved me and proposed but told me he wouldn't give me a ring until it was a surprise (5 LONG months later!!)
Good story? I think soo! But marrage has made him a stick in the mud! :-P "real life" do you talk a mile a minute???
S U R E D O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. Is being a stay at home mom boring? What do you do to keep busy?
Ohhhh girl you must have never stayed at home with kids!!! First off I usually never just have my kids (LOL) my hubby often complains that I run a free day care. Cleaning is a constant thing that I HAVE to do!!! Then threre is church twice a week or three times.. . . t-ball WAS tree times a week. . . the library trips the Mcdonalds and PARK trips. Andreas house to go play in the creek (backyard) or TYE DYE THIS WEEK hint hint (girl we bout the stuff two weeks ago!!! yeassssssh!) I KEEP BUSY THIS I PROMISE!!!!

7. Move to charlotte?
From NY? Yes you would definitely be moving to a calmer town. . . .if you live outside of the city that is. . .and when/if you do move here there remember that if you move to one of the surrounding towns you always just 20 minutes form uptown and everything! There is plenty to do here. I'm a country girl myself so I think I'm (we're) ready to move further out!! I would ove to own a farm or at least enough land to have some 4 wheelers, dirt bikes and a couple horses. :-D

I will be adding More Q & As to this page....please feel free to ask anything. I'm an open book!

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  • Pinks & Blues Girls said...

    Ok, love this post! And I love how when I read your post, I feel like it's actually you talking - and I don't even know you! LOL! I love your blog - it's awesome and your kids are absolutely beautiful!
    - Audrey
    Pinks & Blues Girls

  • thekirnancrib said...

    my mother in law is terri too:)

  • FlipFlop Mom said...

    Oh Thank You for sharing that beautiful story.. it's sad too.. :( But you're a wonderful DIL for thinking of her like that...!!!

    My name is southern... go figure.. since I've lived in the North all my life.. Terri-Lee YIKES!!!