Oh JOY! Mommy Gets a Break To CLEAN!

After Masons T-ball game this morning [9 am games...grrrrr] my father kidnapped my son. figuratively. Oh sooo Typical.

If you don't know then now you do...Mason and Paw-Paw go together like "peas and carrots" or like bees and honey or nuts and bolts. They are as "thick as thieves". :-)

This gave me a break. A break to come home and CLEAN. Don't get me wrong my house is nice and tidy. But its SPRING now so its time for that DEEP CLEAN!

I try to do my regular cleaning during the week and devote a couple of hours each Saturday to do that Spring-Cleaning.

This week I got my Kitchen Done. HERE Is a spring clean checklist for different rooms of your house.

Of couse I didn't go to this before I cleaned. I walked though my house with a good old fashioned paper and pencil and wrote what I wanted to do in each room. Then I jotted it down on my dry erase board. Room by Room. Time to clean.

Task accomplished and time taken....
  • Cleared off cabinets and scrubbed (30 minutes).
  • Took down my blinds and sprayed them off along with a vinegar treatment. (30 minutes)
  • Cleaned my oven. (10 minutes) [I don't have to use the oven clean setting b/c I have foil liner for the bottom of my oven!!! That can be recycled! ]
  • Clean the microwave (2-3 minutes). [doing this weekly cuts back on time]
  • Wiped down the pantry doors front and backs (10 minutes)
  • Scrubbed my kitchen floors (45 minutes) (I mop once a week. But this has to be done on white floors)
  • Empty and clean the insides of the silverware drawer(5 minutes).
  • Base boards(15 minutes)
  • Ceiling Fan (5 minutes)
  • Cleaned my wash room sliding doors (10 minutes)
  • Did sink cleaning "101"(15minutes)
  • Wiped down my refriderator top, front and side(10minutes)[cleaned it out last week]

  • TOTAL TIME SPENT: 3 hours and about 8 minutes. :-/ whooo hooo

    Whose up for coming to my place and eating off the floors? KIDDING!

    Join me if you'd like. Let me know what kind of progress your making with your spring cleaning.

    Who knows Mason and Terris Mom might have a prize to the winner of the most deep cleaned crib! ;-O

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    • Andrea said...

      Whew! Spring cleaning...I have been thinking about that a lot...BUT me and my pregnant self can't seem to get a lot of it done! haha. :) BUT I do have 2 projects I HAVE to get done before baby comes...wash the bathroom walls because they are super dusty (ew!) and wash all the windows...inside and outside. Yeah, I like to be able to see out. ;) Good luck with the rest of your spring cleaning!

    • said...

      I'd like to know how you clean your blinds...what is this vinegar treatment??? I have such a hard time getting mine clean.