UPDATE on the Room SWAP!!!

UPDATE!!!! almost DONE!

ITs Saturday Night at 9:30....its only been one day and the kids are getinng along FAMOUSLY!!!
NOT gonna lie I'm hurting . . . but the fact that my kids are getting along so well, so worth it.

Mason even took the little table and chairs out of the "playroom" to put in their room so they could "enjoy a nice dinner alone tonight mommy" [while putting the chairs side by side to add!!!]

I'm only showing a couple pictures...given I'm only ONE WOMAN HERE!!

The paper drawing on the window is because the blinds broke during the transformation so I had to improvise. (don't want everyone peeping in the windows at night.) I decided to doodle on it today [mason helped] and it turned out kinda cute. Of course we'll eventually get blinds.....MAYBE. or we'll just keep drawing on the paper and replacing it.

Terris baby house/bookshelf is now a place for THEIR Littlest Pet Shop, Puzzles, school supplies, arts and crafts (SOME-the good stuff stays in my white cupboard), playdoh etc. and YES I so trust my 2 1/2 year old with playdoh at her level along with markers....she's THAT well trianed. She knows I'll kick her cute little butt if she messes with anything messy without permission!!

(I so thought Mason would have HATED the idea of sharing a room with his little sister, but I was WRONG) I used the fact that I shared a room with my big brother and we shared EVERYONE of our toys, and we LOVE each other now. . . and hes all about his uncle John John!!!

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