My Little Dum-Dums!

I'm a mom....

Children are a wonderful gift from God and our family has been blessed with two (precious) gifts!

Mason and Terri Jade both have eccentric personalities. They are the most sweet and snuggly babies, but MAN ARE THEY WACKY! (where oh where did they inherit that from??)

Mason and Terri both know how to ham it up, they can turn it on on demand! But temperssss ohhh my! But I guess that is just so much of their mommy and daddy coming out of them. I guess I'm just a SUCKER (for them) and that would make them my little dum-dums!
[My little mini mes.]

I don't know why people choose to have abortions, or why some people choose not to ever have children. But I guess its your life and you the ones that are missing out. I have so much sympathy for those longing to carry or hold a child in their arms and know that child will be molded by them, calling out to them for help in their times of need.

I wasn't "supposed" to have children. At 17 I had to be hospitalized for severe pelvic pain Later finding out that I have PSOC as well as endometriosis. So many times I heard, "oh your not a typical pcos candidate" or "I thought you had to be obese to have pcos."NO you don't. I was told, "you might not be able to have children", or "it will be hard to carry". It was. PERIOD. ...BUT I know it was the Lords will for me to carry and conceive these two, (we came back from the honeymoon with one little blessing!!)[after being told and told that it wouldn't happen IT DID and twice] Prayer works and I know how detrimental it is when you have a doctor telling you its not possible, but I say DON'T give up on the Lord! He will show you the way!

ALL I can say is that my children are the second best gift that God ever gave me! The First?

....John 3:16... For God so love the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Yes, children take time, money and energy to raise. However, they give back so much more than they consume in the long run. Children are a blessing, both for the Christian family that raises them and for the world. It is time for more Christian families to once again have the faith to raise large families to change the world for God.

As I look at my children while they sleep, I know in my heart they are only here because God let me borrow them until he decides to bring them back home to him. All children are gifts from God, they should be cherished as just that...

This poem originally was published in Poems on Life - Family Poems

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