Day of FUN in the Sun! - Carowinds edition

Yeppers, we got our seasons passes yesterday! Can I tell you how TIRED I WAS!!! lol

Mason and Myself went with his friend Madeline and her mommy to CAROWINDS! whoo hoo! fun fun. We got our season passes and plan on taking the kids once or twice a month (DURING THE WEEK to beat the weekend lines)

The kids had a blast. I on the other hand found out one thing....I am OBVIOUSLY OUT OF SHAPE! No wait. I'm a mom. I can't be out of shape. Okay Okay I didn't get to finish my coffee this morning THAT explains it!

RE-CAP of my morning...
I got woke up by my five year old at 5 am!!! YIKES! I was too excited to sleep so I know he had the same issue! Unfortunately I couldn't go back to sleep so I gave Mason my spot in the bed. I went ahead and got up at 7 and made my coffee. NOTICE I didn't say DRANK my coffee. Around 8ish I went to my friend Mandies to get my bookbag. (she went back to night school and borrowed it a few months ago.) After sitting with her WHILE SHE DRANK HER COFFEE I played with her youngest. THEN I went by my dads house (to get Masons smaller booster seat) then by the grocery store for some milk. Then home to make bacon and egg english muffins and pack our lunches.

Terri stayed the day with Lydia and Cari while we were gone. That will be my plan for the first few trips is to leave Terri with either Clint or a sitter. Just until the water park opens. Terri is only big enough for a handful of rides so I won't torture her with all those lines and that LONG DAY!

Did I mention that it was in the mid 70s all day? GORGEOUS day outside!!

The highlight of my day was when I had my baby (yes he is 5 but he is still my baby so THERE!) sitting on a banister and I saw food in his teeth. I went to pick it out and ....... HIS TWO LITTLE BOTTOM TEETH WERE LOOSE!!! aweeeee! I squealed. Literately. I think I'm more excited then he is. He keeps walking up to me and asking (before he wiggles them) mommy is it this one? Like he isn't sure where yet. cute cute!

OH the OTHER highlight of my day was when we left the park and went by STARBUCKS FOR Caramel Macchiato...mmmmm....yummy! THAT might be why I didn't go to sleep till 2 am!!

Since I took the camera with me I don't have any pictures to post of Terri for the day EXCEPT the one of when we got home. Right before the camera died. In her outfit that Cari and Lydia put her in. CUTE!

Did I mention that I was tired and that my HUSBAND got home and went to sleep at 5:30 till 8:30? So I played outside with the kids and dogs from 7 till about 8:30. HENCE the reason Clint woke up at 8:45. whoops. :-D


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