Good bye yesterday!

<--Mason with his "thinking cap" on. So yesterday definitely ended on a better note than it began. Clint came home mid-day to bring me some phenogram. (grand ol stuff...I keep a refill at the pharmacy just for days like yesterday)

After school, My father took Mason off after school for a while (loading him full of an ice cream sundae) then when he got here he had mounds of home work to do. You might think I'm exaggerating. "Hey he's only in kindergarten how much homework can he have?" WRONG. They've now added a weekly writing assignment on TOP of his already heavy load of work consisting of brainstorming (the little circles with the main idea and five topics); Tuesday night was SUPPOSED to be the drafting (but w/ the snow he stayed with Paw Paw) and thus he didn't get Tuesday or Wednesday done. SO the prewriting, editing, and revisions were all left on us to do last night. Six sentences doesn't sound like a lot, but when your just learning to sound out your words its tough! He got his first widdle writers cramp!

But the good news is that my dad offered to take the "beast" so that was that much less to deal with. While trying to do homework and pack for Asheville. Yeah still packing. Daddy finally got him around 8 and did Masons reading with him. or vis vs. and then he vacuumed and then I got to come to bed! ahhhh bed. I love my bed. Am I the only one that like LOVES my bed?

****Brownie Points for my Big Stupid****
My DSH (dear sweet hubby) took our Lhasa Apso to go get a loooooong overdue haircut and can I just say that EVERYONE loves a new hairdo. (no pictures cause the Big Stupid also took the camera to be fixed--but I DID add an old UNGROOMED picture of him and Deuce 2 years ago.) Can I add in how much we MISS our Boxer!!! :'-( Like really REALLY miss!!!

Louie is almost 6 years old and he's prancing around this house like a show dog its hilarious how he freaks out when he's groomed. (That is when hes not under my feet or curled up next to me cause he's FREEZING!!) Yeah I put clothes on my dog. say something! ha ha. I went from owning American Staffordshire and Rottweilers my entire life to owning a 15lb "fru fru"dog in a Harley sweater. haha I can tell you this though I don't care how big the dog is Louie has growled and "defended" me and the kids against all sizes...including my dads pit that wants him for an appetizer. Poor Louie has the little man complex.

Ohkaaay for reaaaal rambling now.

What to do OFF THIS COMPUTER. I can't say how many I have on here cause my hubster reads my blog occasionally but its ALOT. I did get a CD FULL off last night. Edited and off. ;-) ::small pat on back::

k toodles!

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  • RhondaLue said...

    I feel the very same way abouT My bed too!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it, it's my friend and I miss it all the day long when I can't be near it. ;)