The start of a LONG DAY!

You know when the day starts bad when your nauseated..... (2 days straight)

....and when your sugar lid falls in your coffee mug!!!!!

OH I WOULD HAVE taken a pathetic picture for you of my face but my DH took my camera to Best Buy yesterday to check the clip to the SIM card and they sent the camera off. NO BIGGY RIGHT?

WRONG. REMEMBER THIS POST? I'm on "call" for my sister. . .WHEN she finally goes in labor (now 4 days overdue) I get to haul butt to Asheville (3 hours ride from Charlotte) to be her Doula. (Can I say again how excited I am?) BUT NOW I HAVE NO CAMERA!!!!!!!! ugh. ....AND I'M NAUSEATED AS ALL GET OUT!!!!!!! I'm probably going to take off tonight to just go up for the weekend so they can induce her on Monday...IF she doesn't GO before then...cause this waiting stuff is for the birds. I'm not the pregnant one...well..I'm not the one thats due...I don't need this stress...I have enough anxiety in my life. Right? Isn't that what this cabinet full of meds is for? ugh. wrong. My doctor thinks I'm nuts that I keep waving my Bible at her.

The Bible suggests: "Don't worry about anything; INSTEAD pray about everything, tell God your needs and don't forget to thank him for his answers"

meaning that our anxiety should be a springboard to pray specifically - a choice to pray rather thank be anxious. soooo NOW...time for my daily devotional!!

The Lord knows we've got a list of prayer requests, just cause he doesn't answer right away doesn't mean he isn't here...just means we haven't learned what we need to yet... hmmm..

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