awwwwww.....its almost time.

My baby sister (given I have ONLY one sister ...& 3 brothers) is about to have her first baby.

She is due tomorrow. I'm so excited. So anxious. I came across some old pictures on my computer the other night and I teared up. I was so young when I had Mason. But it was so easy. My mother couldn't come down to see me after he was born till Mason was 9 weeks old; but after taking this picture I didn't hold him for the entire day; (unless he needed to nurse of course). He was the sweetest calmest baby.
I pray my sister has an easy birth and a healthy baby. Her daughters name will be Riley Jean. Riley after Mason Riley and Jean after our our grandmother Doris Jean. Its a beautiful name. I'm honored that she chose it after Mason...something I chose that was so special to me.

Dez and Mason (13MO)

she has the touch. . . and the patience. . .soooooon enough. . . she'll have the baby!

This is US a just 3 weeks ago.

ME (left) Dez (right) {I was TOTALLY slouching!!!!!}

and yeah don't talk about my changing hair color look at hers!! lol


Heres another picture of us AFTER her babyshower (playing with her "nanny cam") that she claims she's TAKING WITH HER to the HOSPITAL, to ...get this.... to watch the nurses with her baby!!!!! {I love it!}

I'm so not incouraging her but its WONDERFUL that shes already that protective!

mama bear already coming out, ready to strike!

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