Warning some of you won't think that this is funny

to make up for NOT POSTING yesterday. . .tell ya what I'll make it up to you! Today, Clint and myself with a little help from my niece and a friend....TORTURED MASON!!! I have it on was hilarious!! He is NOW laughing at the whole situation...


Wait. . .maybe I shouldn't post for all of those parents that will HATE me!

So All the kids have played for the past few days and well...I"M EXHAUTED!!! How about I tried to paint my hallway today in the midst of all these babes running around? DId I mention that it was 98 degrees here today? {and on is supposed to be 102!!!!!} So anyways how come the kids get to have all the FUN??? Mason has been very ...."grown up" lately and trying to decide what is best for hiself and when....WRONG!!!! I told him to eat his lunch (a nice wholesome organic can of the CHEFS Spaghetti and meatballs ) and he thought that it would be a better idea for him to go out side in the 1000 degree weather! NOPE! I'm just glad I had back up today! I told Mason that if he didnt' eat his lunch....{I had to think of something Really Stupid ./..that wouldn't be FUN , really quick} ...that I would have Deuce (our boxer) LICK PEANUT BUTTER OFF HIS FACE! Okay let me just clearify...don't go run and call D.S.S...Deuce only like to lick ME in the face. {Wait that didn't make anything sound any better!} Deuce want' gonna attack him for the p.b...he was just checking it out...well HERE is what you've been waiting for....THE VIDEO!!!!

Ohh and by all means spread the word! I would LOVE for your readers to come on over and see MY MOTHERING SKILLS at their best!!! MWAHH HA HA HA HA!!!

Ohh and a little F.Y.I...Mason got up I snapped his picture, by time I did that Clint already had him a washcloth and washed off his face. Then we ALL watched the video and LAUGHED AND LAUGHED!! He isn't mad anymore!!

On a scale of 1-5...rate this montage...I'm giving this one a ***** {5 stars!!}

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