Ugly moments

Okay...I really don't (typically) write on Sundays...

Blogging is work and work is prohibited on Sunday in this house unless it's recreational or glorifying the Lord. Te he! Recreational...meaning cleaning out the pool...(has to be done for Masons sake.) But after we got home from Church i went to unbuckle Terri and reached over for Mason and she was just signing and laughing. Then she slouched down and gave me this "I ready to nap now" look. I ran to the front seat and snapped what I thought would be an adorable shot. Then when Clint saw the pictures he said..Man she looks like you here...

But she was having a major ugly moment here....

I jumped all over him telling him that there isn't one ugly thing about our little girl. Then as I downloaded the pictures I realized...yep...ugly moment. Sorry Terri! I ♥ you!!!! You just look funny sometimes this being one of them.

Okay If I put you on blast for having an ugly moment I have to do the same for me and your daddy Here goes.... HERE is Mommy being a PIG today.

Daddy...hmmm? ::scratching head:: Should I post a bad picture of the DH?? I KNOW he has informates out there but he actually doesn't look at my blog. ::scratching head:: So I guess I will. Ya know you've been PRETTY moody lately...and I guess THIS can be my payback. Get mad! I ♥ You!Try to take away the computer . . . there is always the public library!! ;-) wink wink xoXO~Tisses~OXox

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  • Wendy said...

    You are so freakin' funny! Your lil' Terri looks adorable in her photos:) You are making me crave a cupcake and the about I not say anything! Maybe you wont get in so much trouble for posting that picture! LOL!!

  • Drea said...

    Clints one hairrryyy dude LOL. I have a friend whos hairier! tho. is that a word? hes like a bear. Its freaky!

    and no its not Travis :-)
    Although hes hairy2.

    I dont think Terri looks ugly in those pics!!! but she does look like you. Her hair looks longer.
    Fix ur blog, its messed up lol. the photos of terri beside one another need to be ontop of each other, otherwise it pushes the blog post way way down under everything. ::I can fix it if u want, teehee:: might go do that now! so nevermind. LOL

  • Kell Rees said...

    I don't think Terri looks ugly, she is so precious!
    The pictures of you and clint are pretty funny though!