Fun Friday

First off let me just say that my son needs a haircut! (and to brush his teeth) lol!!!!!

We did all kinds of stuff today but Mason had the best time painting some pots that Lydia bought him for Easter. THAT HE TURNED AROUND AND GAVE TO CARI for an Easter present. I did count painting as part of his "school work" because now Mason knows how to make green, purple and orange from all his primary colors!

Then we made creme puffs (marshmallows in crescent rolls....SUGAR FILLED and ohhh sooo GOOD!)

Then Mason went out to roll around in the dirt with Deuce. As I tried to snap a picture I quickly figured out that all my pictures were blurry b.c my camera had been fondled by a 5yo! YIKES! must fix before daddy looks, I think he just turned it to manual or ...well IDK.. I'll figure it out.
(The picture above of Mason is so clear and the one underneath of him and Deuce is so dark)

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  • Wendy said...

    Cream puffs....never heard of those. Maybe that is a good thing;) Look at you getting all artsy craftsy!!