You won't believe this.

Okay I really need to make this one a short one but I HAD to blog about the happenings today. Clint came home and went STRAIGHT for the freezer get an ice pack. Now when your 6'4" 300+ lb hubby puts a boo-boo bear ice pack on his knuckles you INSTANTLY start to worry. "Honey whhhhaaat happened?" He just gave me this look. He walked in to our bedroom, away from the children and said that he had been sitting in the back of a police car for the past half hour. "WHAT?" Okay Clint might not be the best Christian on the block but he is not one for going out and getting arrested...or any trouble for that matter. He told me that he was coming out of the gas station from getting a drink and paying for his diesel fuel When a guy that parked parallel to him jumped out of some older model honda and approached him, and said that Clint owed him money. Clint at first laughed. The guy obviously irritated repeated himself and then Clint asked him "who are you?" He said he had never seen this guy before in his life. The guy said "you know me I'm Josh." Clint at this point irritated himself went to walk toward his truck. As Clint opened the door the the guy put his hand up there and then he slammed the truck door. Clint said he didn't think twice and he cold clocked the guy....or laid him out. OKAY...sorry for my slang but HELLO...MOST OF YOU (my faithful) have seen the size and caliber of my ginormous hubby. This guy MUST have been on something to have mistaken Clint for someone else. I mean HELLO...just say that someone (of Clints size) owed you money...wouldn't you look TWICE or 3 or 4 times before confronting him? Clint said the guy seemed like he was on something...but right after he knocked the guy out, the police man ran up. Yea I didn't mention that did I? There was a cop sitting in the parking lot the entire time. He waited till the guy was out cold till he came rushing up on Clint. He told me that the whole time he was in the back of the police car he felt bad for the guy, it was obvious that he was hurting for money..and well now his face was in pain as well. The cop was a real jerk, he kept asking Clint "what do you care? Your the one that did it to him."

Clint was just trying to defend himself. sadly in this day in age if someone would rush up on you and act like that drugs have to be involved somewhere and who knows if that guy could have had a gun and shot my husband. Well all I know is that the guy was an idiot!!!! Andrea, I know your reading this...tell them how STUPID this guy must be. Chrissie...he's your nephew, would you ever confront him for money if you were a stranger? lol

Mason took a picture of Daddy and Mommy before our walk tonight...notice boo-boo bear on the hood of his truck? :-( My big stupid hurt his hand. AWE. Oh and FYI the police officer totally backed up Clints story and let him go. But not before he got all of his info and I'm sure this is gonna lead to some hospital bills...great!

*click for larger view*
(Ohh and I'm 5'8" just so you DON'T think I'm short....)

Ohh and Mason DID over hear me say something about what did the Police man say while talking to Clint and he RUDELY interrupted and said "yea MOMMY got a ticket!!!!" Great! Now I WAS planning on telly my DH, BUT not at this particular moment. AHHHHHH!!

But on a lighter note....after the walk...and a few good snapshots...

we did enjoy a nice dinner together of Chef Boyardee and cheez nips. Then for the BRIEF moment that mommy and daddy walk out of the room THIS is what we return too...

Mason fed Terri some more Chef...and some of that HERSHEYS Chocolate Creme PIE! It definitely lightened up the day!!

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  • Wendy said...

    Good lord your DH is huge!! I wouldn't mess with him:) I have never seen a picture of you two together!! SWEET!! AWWW!!!

    I guess he can't be mad about the ticket now can he?

  • Anonymous said...

    That guy must have been on something to approach your hubby!!!! Crazy! At least he didn't get arrested!!!

  • Stam House said...

    Wow what a story, those are great pic!

  • Drea said...

    Yea that dude had to of been on something.. Clint would kill me with a slap. he really is a big guy!

    Did he get charge with assault?

    Caleb just woke up crying so I gtg.
    Love the pic of you and Terri. What a nice ring sling.. who gave it to you? ;-) Heehee

    Oh! and love terris new light... super cute.

  • Drea said...

    Oh and i can see his new tattoo on that arm :-) I can read it 2!

  • Aura said...

    Great pics, Eliz...I'm glad your husband made it home. I've never been approached like awkward for Clint to have faced this. Hope it all ended.

  • Jessie said...

    CRAZY stuff mama! Sorry your hubby had to go though that, I wouldn't mess with him what was up with that guy?