Terri finally got a nightlight!!!

Of course everyone has been through this with your kids. The "scared of the dark stage". Well Terri is definitely going though it. She is FINE most of the time, but then there are those few nights where she just hollars until we go in there and turn on the light. Well I got sick of the blinding light so I went ahead and started looking.

I found it. It can take a 15 or a 4 watt bulb. I LOVE IT!!!! It is the cutest thing. The only problem is that it is . . . .PINK and Purple! Well I guess its time to retire the baby blue and yellow cherubs in her room. :'-( TIME FOR THE GIRLY GIRL COLORS!!! YAY! Okay well I guess I can wait till Christmas or her next birthday since it was all made for her and I know how much all of that fabric cost. POO!

LOOK how perfectly it fits on her shelf.


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