Oh me oh my what shall I do?

I like that title! I think its cute! But seriously, my face still hurts! I don't want to take those giant horse pills the doctor prescribed and Ibuprofen just isn't cutting it.

It doesn't help that my boys beat me up last night. While wrestling Clint and Mason drug me onto our bed and right as I was getting up Masons foot landed on my left jaw, then Clint (gigantic) hand followed. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

They felt so bad, I didn't tell them that I started to taste blood. eww. I think Clint and Mason both were about to cry with me. :'-(


Dear Body of mine,
I was just wondering WHEN you were gonna heal? If there is ANYTHING that I can do to speed up that process feel free to let me know. Oh and by the way, can you tell me why its so hard to open my mouth? ::snickering:: Did the dentist secretly put a screw in there to keep my mouth closed? (probably Clints suggestion.) Oh well. I guess its better than the abscess. Well I'm off to go get the hot water bottle. Hope it helps!

P.S. why is the empty spot in my mouth so tempting for my tongue to drag across it? AND WHY does it feel like raw hamburger meat? Just wondering!

TRUELY yours,

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  • Carole said...

    Oh gosh, I'm sorry I didn't get here before you had the tooth pulled.

    Cranberry juice is a lifesaver when it comes to tooth problems. Swish it over the tooth. Room temperature would probably be best.

    Cloves, and oil of clove also help remove the pain. The problem with using a clove is it's sharp! You have to put it between your gum and cheek and not move it for a while.

    Not being able to open your mouth is not a good sign. Keep an eye on that. If it doesn't get better by tomorrow, you might want to call the doctor and ask about it.

    Take care of yourself.


  • Sheena said...

    Hey, remember me?

    Ahh I remember not too long ago the gum over one of my wisdoms was "peeling" off to expose the tooth. It hurt so bad that I couldn't open my mouth. Once I massaged the gum off of the tooth with a qtip, all was better. In your case of course this won't work. Why won't you take the horse pills? Do they make you drowsy? I hope you find a solution!