The PURPOSE behind NOT blogging this week.

I chose to keep the previous post up for this week for a couple reasons;

  • Awareness, so many women have gone for years through pain and unknowingly let their doctors tell them that its nothing, "try a new position", "change your diet", "its just a cyst it will pass"....and only about 30 percent have the courage to change their doctor and GET A SECOND OPINION!

  • Looks can be deceiving, take the time to listen to others because I promise your problems might not always be so bad. Pay attention to those around you, be perceptive to others in need. If you see someone that appears in pain, even if you don't know them, help them. Many times I've struggled to get out of a store with both kids (or even 3) and a cart full of groceries and a buggy goes one way and a kid goes another. Meanwhile a woman or man will just walk right by too high and mighty to help or just to into what their doing. Know that just because someone looks capable maybe just maybe their not. I'm young and appear healthy yet I'm debilitated in many aspects. SO many things I can't do that years ago I wouldn't have hesitated in an instant to do.

  • God. I left this post here to let you know that I know that I don't stand alone. I have my family and friends, but I stand firm that the Lord is with me every step of this journey. Throughout life we get older and weaker but as this happens our minds rippens we become wiser and hopefully most of us become spiritually richer.

  • Don't worry be happy. LET GO LET GOD! see me? I'm IN PAIN. YET....~~~~> STUPidly HAPPY. psst. it comes from the inside. my heart is joy filled. (I promise its taken alot to get to this point in life, it DOES NOT come over night. Alot of talking with the Lord.) Surround yourself with positive people. Regardless the circumstances in life at some point there will be pumps in the road, nothing better to get over those bumps then good strong HAPPY people holding your hand! HERE TAKE MINE! lol

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    *YES my head IS that big (& my mom had me auu natural thannnk u very much!)*

  • Be thankful. Praise the Lord for what you have. OR for what you DON'T have. Be thankful for those who help you in your time of need. I don't mind speaking out. When I had my last surgery (I had a lap. done when Mason was 14 months old to diagnose me with endo.) I was so appreciative for all the people at my church who reached out to helped us. I'll be honest I was struggling. I didn't ask for help I didn't know how too. I didn't know what I was going to do. Clint had never cooked for us before, never done laundry...well let me rephrase that he had at that point thrown some oily work clothes on top of some whites and pulled the knob. (so thats doing laundry right? lol) but I didn't know how I was going to get by.
    The surgery I THOUGHT was scheduled for December 16. Little did I know that it was only 2 days after we returned from our beach trip to Ocean Isle. :-/ I am SO blessed that a friend from church happened to call the day we got back to see how the trip went, then I told her about the surgery she IMMEDIATELY sent out a church wide email for food to be delivered and childcare for Terri while Clint worked each day. She did this with my tonsillectomy surgery last November as well. (she is such a life saver I know) but without her and all the others at the church who knows how it would have turned out but ya know...I'm sure would have. HE always provides.

  • [psssst....I'm lost in my own rambling] ha haa

  • Oh I remember what I wanted to say....take life one day at a time. SO what if the laundry doesn't get done today, who cares if you don't get to mop on your Thursday schedule (I mop on Thursdays you guessed it) I say grab some DVDS, take out and sweats and snuggle in the bed with the kids. CRUMBS AND ALL!! [not I hate crumbs] get a quilt and lay on top of the comforter. If you work do all this after work. There's ALWAYS Saturday. YES I know there's a bi-gillion other things you have to do on Saturday...hey whats one more? Take the time to spend with your loved ones because your not promised tomorrow.

  • My best friend almost found this out yesterday and now shes' in the ICU burn unit with her husband. She called me yesterday morning and said that her husband was electrocuted. He works for duke energy and he's a line man. He was air lifted to Winston Salem so I drove her. We spent the day there.... He IS ok. I mean its a serious miracle that he's alive. He will loose a couple fingers on his left hand and the electricity that flew threw his body bypassed his heart and literately exploded out his right hand. [he has a HUGE round 3rd degree burn and hole] the currant has to have an entrance point and an exit point. (they're doing surgery on his hands today...besides the impact from the fall, minor scraps and burns, the burns his hands are the worst.)
    Hes an ex marine and hes a TUFF guy for soon as he regained consciousness he was ready to go home. he said "ok just cut off the fingers, I don't use my pinky much anyways." what a nut. but hes a strong Christian and I'm so glad the Lord was with him!!!!!

  • sometimes its ok to speak out(you might be shedding light on a painful subject that someone closes to you struggles with too....anxiety, depression, weight, money). BUT WHEN is it time to hold your tongue? (when do you just sound like your a whiner?) I've had these health issues for years. But if you look at my blog its not a dark or dreary place. Its not a reflection of that. I know of a few other bloggers and throughout the week have had the privilege (through email) to meet a few more, that too have some similar issues, and they too (some) choose not to dedicate their blogs to dwelling on the bad but on the contrary reflecting the good in their life. I'm not saying to put on a mirage, as if your life is peaches and cream but there are just some things that shouldn't be blogged about everyday. Sorry. I know we've all been to "that blog" before where "that person" just goes on and and on about how terrible their life is and this and that when in fact they should be thankful for what they have. I mean do these people not think about the pain that Christ suffered as their typing (constantly complaining)? *ugh* You just keep going back to see WHAT possibly NEXT can they complain about?!?!? Yeah not my place, there is just so many of them out there. you blog how you want. I'm the one thats gone a whole month before and not blogged then filled in the blanks with a cute picture and a one sentence explanation. :-D gotta love those posts. ha haa

  • As a whole, whether your a Christian, agnostic, an atheist or an alien (I was on a roll with the A's what can I say?)...take care of yourself and those around you. For right now we're all we've got. Take the time to put your own selfish need aside and love one another. Take better care of yourselves and your loved ones and step out side of your comfort zone and help someone in need. Have leftovers and a single neighbor? Take em on over! [psssst....and you don't have to blog about it....we don't need to know your reward will be much greater later down the road] I'm a personal believer in Heaven but for some of you its Karma so do it for your own beliefs, do it for your kids. Do it cause you know that somewhere down the road someone will PayItForward!!!

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