...and she prays.

God shows a particular love precisely to those who He punishes in this world, b/c in purgatory there is only a long and harsh punishment, while, if we willingly accept the crosses in this world, we merit for ourselves an even greater glory in Heaven

as the Proverb says: for the Lord chastises him whom He loves.

accept the pain and focus on the Lord for the reward is great. Morn not now for the days you have the small load to bear. Morn because your Lord is not here with you, to hold your hand through it. HE IS Omnipresent and he is here and someday we will be with him.

Lord, I can carry this small burden. I can deal with everything you give me. I am weak but you make me strong. You show me the love that I need to survive this harsh world. I'm an advocate for you. Let others see your love through me. I pray I can shine with your light. Thank You for all you have given me, for having created me to love you for eternity, for the place you are keeping for me in heaven, for the supportive family and friends to help hold me through my struggle. You are my Lord, You are my savior. And I praise your name. Amen.

**I pray. I pray daily, multiply times daily. I will never know what the future holds for them but I wholly yearn for happiness for all those in my life. I hold my children and pray with them. I pray for Clint, for his salvation, so that he may be the father and leader to our children that they'll require in this life. I drive and I pray ....and sometimes I blog and I pray. My health is not good. If you look at me I look like the typical 25 year old woman but on the inside its bad. Very bad. My body is in stage 3 endometreosis. The surgery that I had October to remove the scarred tissue and the cysts worked but wasn't a permanent fix. I went to the dr. on Monday only to find that my endometreosis is back. its only been 4 1/2 months from last Octobers surgery till now. Typically after they go in and clean out all the scarred tissue and cysts they give you a couple years before it comes back. I totaled over 40 cysts. It wasn't supposed to come back for a few years if at all. . . not in this case. They're trying to offer me some new drug, honestly all I can ask for is prayers and the fact that I know that know matter the pain I deal with on a daily basis its nothing compared to the pain of the Lord ....and my focus at all times especially now should be on God.

If you'd like to keep updated follow me. I know alot of women deal with this and if you could tweet this I'd love to see if I could get a group together to see if there are others that have dealt with the same issues.

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  • Jennifer said...

    Oh my and your family are in my prayers. Through reading your blog you seem like a very stong woman and I pray that you keep your strength through all this.

  • Drea said...

    saying a prayer for you... I had a friend go through the same stuff years ago.. its not easy.

  • Lisa Loo said...

    I add my prayers also--my heart aches. I am glad you have prayer and knowledge of our Father in Heaven--they are great comforts. Will be following......

  • designHER Momma said...


  • Courtney said...

    praying for you...please keep us updated.

  • RhondaLue said...

    You're just a beautiful person, aren't you???!!!

    I'm definitely NOT glad you have to endure this trial...and I do not have endometriosis but I do suffer from daily pain and many health challenges. I know it's difficult. some days are harder than others. I have at least two surgeries lined up but just lost our health insurance when hubby got laid off on friday. I'm not all bummed and feeling all "whoa is me" either but I do have days when I worry. I hope my blog doesn't come off as whining but I definitely try not to have it be that way!

    Know that I'm thinking of you and hope you can get through this soon so it's a thing of the past. It seems you already go through it with grace. You're a great example!