As I got Mason ready for his best friends birthday party (two houses down)
I laid Terri Jade down for a nap. YES at 5:30! I knew that we didn't have a sitter so she was gonna have to come with us. NAPS are necessary if you take a baby to Bone Fish!

So I walk Mason down to the party. Which we were 15 minutes late for b/c he had to draw characters on the wrapping paper and he couldn't find socks.

I get in there and Keziah immediately asked where her baby was.....TERRI JADE that is.

I told her that she was taking a nap so that she wouldn't be grumpy at the restaurant.

GUESS WHO OFFERS TO KEEP HER? Keziah! awe. Well then Donna brought it to my attention that it might be past Terris bedtime when we get home and she might get irritable.


She even came up and carried the pack n play down and set it up in her room before Terri even got up! That girl definitely is a sweetie! Se loves babies!!

HERE is a picture of Keziah holding Kristopher on Monday at the Nutcracker that was at our church.

THANK YOU KEZIAH!!!! I am sooo getting you ANOTHER Christmas present! YES 2!!!


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  • Wendy said...

    COOL! We have a neighbor like that:) She loves her some Lani aaannnnddd she likes to get out of her house, so it works out well for everyone. Hope you enjoyed your night out!

  • Mel : ) said...

    ohhhhh how sweet :D

  • Amber said...

    what a blessing!!! it's SO awesome to be able to leave our kiddies with people who can trust & love them to pieces!

    ps - thanks for going COMMENT CRAZZZYY on my blog the other day! it was fun reading all of your comments. hope you have a great weekend Elizabeth!

  • Amber said...

    Oh, and I was going to tell you....sometimes when I am feeling silly I call my Jayda "Terri Jade" ha ha, isn't that funny??!