Update on Knitting...

Okay so the entusiasom was definietly there....

I got on my 4th or 5th row when my Dear Husband (GRRRRR) ::insert hostility:: come in the room and started to fight with Louie. Louie being my dear sweet little white Lhasa Apso a.k.a mommies protector. So he (Clint) begins to growl at Louie (TRYING to get him to play) and Louie leaps over me toward him and completely pulls the string which pulls alot of my knitting of the needle! GRRRRRR!!! Well I THINK that I fixed it until I got back around again and realized it was a little fumbled up. I figured that I would just go around it and on the next cast off (is that what you call it?) It would be fine. WRONG. It got worse, then Clint started up agian with Lou. AHHHHH Isn't this supposed to be calming? ::sigh::

Today I figured while I was out, I would try to find some plain black yarn and make a scarf instead of my original (stop laughing at me) plan, to make the worlds ugliest blanket. I found (2) white (2 pink) and a big black ball of yarn on sale for 77cents each at Hobby Lobby. To beat that the bamboo needles were on sale for 4.99!!!! WHOO HOOOO!! YAY for sales!

Here are a couple of shots today. Terri would not sit down in the dressing room while Keziah (who was with me again today) tried on some tops. She had to look and play with the ever so calm "Tookie". We only used the stroller at the Khols. Everywhere else today I had my moby and Keziah carried Tookie in the Mei Tai. I DID NOT get any babywearing picutres...I was too lazy to look for the camera! I know...LAZY ME!

Terri and Tristan are....OUT, sleeping like ROCKS SO I need to go read and try to start knitting again. Wish me luck! Terri didn't even look up at me when I walked in her room to take her picture, thats how tired she is.

I have seen it a few times and I wanted to give it a try so...

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  • Wendy said...

    I love that you are knitting! I definetly want to learn, but I need one on one lessons:o) I can't understand the written directions!!

  • Summer said...

    Good Luck with your knitting!! It took me forever to get the hang of it, but i finally got it!! I am working on a blankie for my niece.

    Cute pictures!!