Yardsale Extravaganza!

All of this for less than 40 dollars! YEP! Thats including lunch for the day.

One of my best finds was THIS for $4.00!! Thats a $60+ value! whoo hoo!

So I snuck off and picked out....THIS lit'l beauty. (Sleeping on her back ...too cute!) Surprise Mason! :o) He named her Molly. Molly MO!

Nicholas was happy with all my great finds too!

Later on we headed to my next door neighbors church outreach. Fun. Lots Food, games and I won a DVD player! :o)

Clint kept Terri so Mandie and myself only had...1,2....3, 4, 5...yeah 5 kids. (Tookie was with his Daddy too)

It was HOT out!
So of course me and Mandie had to get a picture together. Too bad I look like a bobble head!


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