Jayden Comes Over, 4 Wheeler, Egg Bush And The BEE Movie


I'm going to try to sum it all up with lots of pictures and as few words as possible.

Clints buddy brought his step son Jayden over to play with Mason. ALL DAY. :-D Really sweet boy. Mason (and me) taught him what Easter was REALLY about. (*NOT THE BUNNY*)

They played. . .ALOT. . .ATE. . .Chalked up the sidewalk. . .and Rode the 4 wheeler with Daddy. (slowly.)
Meanwhile back in the house, Terri did some coloring and Kristopher took his time with the chocolate pudding. (Terri thought it was "EWWWW Diwty")

I went to pick up Katherine during the babies nap (while daddy babysat) and Ben rode here with her. Her dad was gonna take him home today. Works for me. Less driving. I put them to work on my EGG BUSH. Ben at first was the typical teenage boy, "why? are you gonna pay me?" THEN as we drove up he saw Clint for the first time. IMMEDIATELY OFFERED HIS EGG HANGING SERVICES. ::insert evil laugh here:: ahh the joys of having a large hubby. Of course he played with the boys more than he hung eggs and Katherine took pictures but HEY I GOT IT DONE AND NO 5 year olds pulling me off the latter.
After the babies woke up and Kristopher went home, I took Ben, Katherine, Terri Jade and Mason to my in laws house.
[Its a Long story I'll make it short. . .Bill (my father in laws best friend/Katherines dad) is house sitting while my MIL and FIL are out of town. Destin Florida for 2 weeks.....NICE! riding in style!]

I took the kids to the in laws because I promised to help a friend out that owns a local childrens consignment store. She is doing remodeling and switchover at the same time. (switch over is when you move OUT the winter and IN the summer clothes. )

After Cari and Lydia (my 18 going on 19 YO babysitters) got out of school they rode down and picked up Mason and Terri. Cari lives across the street from the inlaws so this was def. convientint! Katherine followed after Bill dropped off Ben. WATCH the video!!!! When Terri says GROSS....haaa haaaa

They made cookies.

Shortly after they got here I returned and we all watched....The BEE MOVIE.

Very Cute.

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  • Wendy said...

    Can I just say that I totally make fun of people who hang up plastic eggs! LOL!! Just kidding...kind of;) Loved the "gross" video.