I Need A Day Off After Yesterday.

Cari and Lydia spent the night last night. I haven't heard them say enough how tired they are and how much I must do to keep my house clean. I have two extra sets of hands in my home and yet it still seems to look the same. tee hee. I try to explain to them that to keep your family happy, fed and clean you must stay on top of it at all times. Tiresome I know but soo rewarding. I won't tell them my trick of throwing everything in a big black bag and throwing it in the attic!!!!!! LOL!!

I like to have Lydia and Cari here. They are both very sweet girls and I think I can (hopefully) be a possitive influence on their lives. Same with Katherine. I don't think that isolation is healthy, we all need influence of good people to keep us on the right path. I strongly believe that having the positive qualities of other people rub off on us is the best thing for us.

As teenagers I think that there are things that we all have gone through that we either can't open up to our parents about or we just need someone besides our parents to confide in. I'm glad that Lydia and Cari have each other but I am also glad that I have them, yet another reason to be the positive role model that I need to be not only for my children but for God. Being good friends with Godly people just doesn't happen by chance. I think we must pray that such people come into our lives and continue to pray that the relationship last through all life offers.

I constantly pray for my husband that the Lord with convict in his heart the error of his ways and that his heart will become pure, because the Bible promises a person who has a pure heart will see God. (Matthew 5:8) Am I rambling again?


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