A month a something to show for it!

SO a month ago I went to a meeting a church and learned how to knit.

Well I have been working on that SAME scarf for the past month. IT IS UGLY! I mean lop sided, big random holes....

Mason loves it though, he says its his "skart"!

SO I got up the nerve on Tuesday night before bed and thought I would start a new project. [yes before I even finished the first] I was slightly frustrated b/c Mason pulled out the needles and know I KNOW its going to be even more hideous than before!

But I told my SIL Christal that I would be making her and the girls' Christmas presents this year. SO I had to start sometime!

I want you to know that I AM DONE! IN A DAY AND A HALF!! I guess the yarn makes a BIG difference!

I just have no clue how to finish it up.

Good thing the womens mission is meeting again tonight! I will jsut have someone show me!

UPCLOSE shot of the yarn I used and A CLOSER shot to see the detail.

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