Throwback Thursday

With the onset of Winter I started pulling boxes of sweaters out of the attic. I was unloading all of them into the closets when I came across the sweetest little picture of Mason in 2OO5. I keep one of him and myself from fall last year out in a frame in the Living Room. I decided to do a side by side of Mason for the past three years.....

In all of these pictures he HAD JUST had a birthday. So you get the idea of how old he was. It also goes to show you how dramatically different the weather is each year in October. In O5 is was obviously very warm. Last year Terri was 4 M0 when we went to Paramount Carowinds and the weather went from "perfect fall weather" to very chilly, and this year cool again.

It just boggles me how much my little boy had changed. In O5 he was a VERY sweet 2-3 Y0 with a tendency to whine of course. Last year in O6 he was my "new" big brother and my extra special lit'l helper. THIS YEAR...he is my independent [still very much mammas boy] I can do it on my own WITHOUT instruction or GUIDANCE lit'l MAN!

SO take a few minutes and look back and try to see the little things that make your children so different from year to year.

Appreciate the super clingyness that is your toddler...b/c in a year or tow they will not need you right by their side and they will be "embarrassed" that you are smothering them with kisses like they used to do to YOU!

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  • Drea said...

    weather is crazy. this time last year in ohio we had snow. :-)
    i should post a photo of our last nov. in ohio that be a fun post
    im hanging onto the clingy days cause i see them passing fast... :-(

  • VICTORIA said...

    How do you make the pictures look like that?
    Yes...I know too well that those days 12 yo, seems like yesterday she was a 1 yo crawling all over me! Sad. But I do still have sweet Leah to cuddle. Beau already pushed away my kisses!