Sundays are meant to rest for a reason!

I was CON'd into going to Carowinds today after church. THEY TRICKED ME! My friend Mandie and her husband Craig used their kids and Mason to plot against me. ::laughing::

I got out of church to hear my phone ring and Mandie on the other end asking..."you ready yet?"

I'm such a pushover. BUT Mason gave me that face. Ya know.... the one thats so hard to say NO TOO...

So here is how the rest of our day went.

Fun Fun

Terri used her "face" to win over one ride operator, and she got to ride 5 or 6 times in a row. (*the pictures at the top of the post*) (there weren't many kids in line so she would have got to ride again anyways.)

Can I take the rest of the week to nap? :o) nope. k don't say I didn't at least ASK!

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  • Stacey said...

    Wow! Looks like you had a ton of fun! I can't believe how grown up Terri is getting! Yikes, they don't stay little very long!