Moms need a night out too

When good ideas go very wrong!

Two hungry mommies, two hungry babies, no energy to cook, two car seats and the road!

Friday night restaurants are always busy, ONE baby missed their nap, oh yeah on FRIDAYS ALL RESTAURANTS ARE BUSY.

Brilliant idea of the night goes tooooooo MANDIE!!

But my stomach was growling and I was NOT complaining....much.

I'm a **BIT** hypoglycemic so if I don't eat I get ill, or sick, or well you get the point. That is one of the effects of my Type 2 Diabetes. Fun Fun I love GESTATION!!! :-) rambling....sorry

So we get to the mexican restaurant and SHOULD'VE JUST PULLED ON OVER TO THE McDONALDS drive around the parking lot for NO LIE 15 minutes.


Terri got inside and DECIDED SHE WAS READY TO LEAVE RIGHT THEN. [SHE was the napless toddler btw.]

After we got our cheese dip we had NO more problems. Thats my girl go for the cheese. :-)

Mandie and Tristan.

Terri and myself.

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