Are you Swinging a Bat or Chopping Wood?

Can someone please help my son comprehend the COMPLEXITY of the swinging of a BAT. :o)

He USED to swing really well. USED TOO.

Mason mommy loves you honey but you are not a logger. Your playing base ball.

This is his stance...
(his lit'l toooshie is so cute in that uniform!!!)

Mason digging in the dirt between plays

Mason in his "READY POSITION"

Back shot of the team...

The OTHER Team cheerleader....Izzy. (ubber cute!)

Stylin in her big brothers hand me down shoes that she is TOOOOO proud of! :-)

No matter how Mason plays along as he shows good sportsmanship and has a good time thats all that matters to us. Boy does he have fun. Especially when his paw-paw comes to the games b./c THEN he gets to go get Ice Cream. :-)

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