Praying for My Father

I had to rush my father to the ER Tuesday morning. I thought he was having a stroke. My grandmother called me and told me that something was wrong with him, he was very confused and he couldn't see or stand. When I got to the house he was in the fetal position on the couch, he kept saying "I don't know whats wrong, I couldn't remember your name or your number, help me"

I tried to get him to squeeze my hand to signify if he had lost use in his hands (he said he couldn't see out of one eye and one hand was curled up {a sign of stroke}) but he wouldn't acknowledge me. I got him up, and rushed him to the ER. (my grandmother screamed at me when I tried to call for an ambulance--shes insane--my father doesn't have insurance so she thought about the COST UGH) when I got to the ER the nurse asked him the date, the year, where he was...he looked around and all he could say was that he was "with Elizabeth and that he was ok". When they got him back he kept asking me where he was and what was going on. He was crying in pain. Literately CRYING...screaming practically. It was so terrible.HIS EKGs and CAT scans showed that it was the onset of a stroke, that he had previous "activity" (like he had had minor strokes or heart attacks already in the past and not known about them) but that morning he had an anxiety attack that was brought on by the extreme amount of pain that he lives with ...daily. They ended up giving him 8 mg of morphine and 2 ativan. [morphine is distributed depending on weight and pain in doses between 1-4 mg. so he had the maximum both times.] He was in so much pain. I just sat there beside him and held him and cried. It was so sad. He at times didn't even know I was in the room with him. He would talk to me as if I were a stranger.

He is fine now. I suppose. I mean he is still weak, really tired, pale and extremely confused about the other day. He only remembers coming home and staying with me. (I brought him home to my house that night to stay) :-(

I've spent the past couple days with him at his house trying to keep an eye on him, making sure he's eating (he's lost all of his appetite) and not having to do too much. Also the kids being around him keeps him so happy.


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