A video for daddy!

Am I the only one that there hubbys are the "enforcer"? I am definitely the parent that has to do any and most all of the physical punishment (time out, spanking) but just me saying "DADDY" makes the kids behave different.

Isn't that crazy? Our 20 month old KNOWS already. She picked up my new reading glasses and I simply said, "Terri give those to mommy." Her response,"NOOOO!!" ::she turns and runs away:: Let me try one more time. "Terri give those to me now." (a little more sternly) ::squeals and runs away:: THEN I say "Daaadddy" She IMMEDIATELY runs back to me and says "heeear mamma"


Okay your probably gonna think bad of me.....::snickering:: I need to admit something now. We have been living a lie. A long long time ago we set up a camera and video taped Mason. He could've been around 3. We let him watch the video with us. I can't remember what he was doing or had learned how to do at the time but I remember we were FLOORED. I think it was when he learned how to open the fridge and CLIMB up the shelves. ANYWAYS . . .we showed him the video and explained that no matter what your doing SOMEONE is always watching. I've always taught our son about God and trying to teach a 3yo that God is Omnipresent; he knows all, sees all and hears all, all the time was a bit difficult. But he knows and understands this now. (back to the story...) NOW at 5YO Mason thinks still that the house is rigged with mini cameras. IF and WHEN he is being disobedient(typically getting out of bed after daddy leaves to go out or picking on Terri and Kristopher) he will ask me, "Mommy is daddy watching?" My answer is typically "I don't know baby" ::snickering:: SHAME ON ME! WHAT? if it works don't fix it right? WELL Mason has even told our babysitters "Mommy and Daddy might have the cameras on." Upon returning home I will IMMEDIATELY be asked (everytime without fail) "Do you have nanny cams?" ::snickering:: *(with a big cheese eatin grin)* "nooooooo, we don't"

Point of all my rambling.....

Well with me being sick last week Clint had to give ALOT of pep talks. He would call during the day time and talk to Mason to make sure he was being good and helping mommy. Typically he is my bestest little helper. But when your sick you know that is when they want to get roudy. They know that you are more likely to be merciful in your time of need.

So one day last week I decided to get the camera out and TRY to video tape the kids while going to pick up Katherine. NOTE: This is something I do everyday with (typically) three kids. I'm not gonna lie, 2 toddlers and a 5yearold in one back seat for an hour can be a little wild. I like to keep sugar OUT of them all morning and BAIT them with it for the car ride. teee heeeee!!!!!

I must say, on this particular day the kids were really good. I'm pretty sure it was last Wednesday. I think this was when I was still really fatigued and still sick. PLEASE excuse the nose picking halfway thru. Oh and you all KNOW you like my 3:10 to yuma shirt! ;-) (with my pink bra) lol!!!!

I know Mason annnnnd Terri should be learning that they should behave just because they don't want to get daddy mad but its what we should be doing to glorify the Lord as Christians. I need to keep instilling in Mason that he needs to be serving God everywhere, not just at certain places like church or with our family. He need to be aware of God's presence at all times and walk with Him always. :-D Something I could practice more myself.

A Prayer: Heavenly Father, though we cannot see You, You do see us as we walk the path you've laid. You guide us through this maze of sudden turns, large ditches, strange territory, and even the dead ends. Though we may be shaken(bulldozzed) from time to time in the midst of finding our way we are assured that You watch over us. You know our heart’s and You strengthen us as we choose to wakl the path of righteousness. Our hearts are fully committed to You and we look to You, our Father, for all our spiritual, physical, emotional and financial needs. Your continuous presence brings peace to our soul. Amen.

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  • Wendy said...

    Mason likes to talk huh?!? He is so sweet:)

  • Drea said...

    that wasnt bad at all. :-) ive seen mason be MUCH more talkative and loud hehe. and terri didnt scream once. yippie!

    i love how you cough.. its like a sad lil puppy combined with an actress gasping for air all at once.. it was very cute.

    I wanted to tuck that lil strand of hair behind your ear the ENTIRE TIME THOUGH!! :-)

    enjoyed it.

  • Jerbecca said...

    Awwwe, you poor thing. You look and sound like you feel awful! I have been looking at your site for a while and just have to tell you you have a beautiful family! I love the pics on Andreas photography site! Anyway, my name is Rebecca. I just have started my blog to keep up with friends and fam out of town and I enjoy reading about your family. Love your accent. Lots of people tell me I'm southern but not like you! (we're from where Travis is from!)

  • Kristin said...

    I just came across your blog. haha you are so my type of girl! Love the nose ;) and the bra. You're cute. I will be back!!