Man I feel crummmmy!

I know that isn't a word. But I hate all this drainage. I probably shouldn't have sang so much in choir practice last night. I didn't want to miss practice because we've been working on our Christmas special, and lets face it...I need all the help I can get. Luckily I have some great voices that camouflage mine!;-)

ahhhh . . . .and then there was the up all night (for the past 2 nights) with the screaming baby. Terri is having the hardest time cutting this last back tooth. She got up around 12:30, and would not calm down unless she was in my arms and on my chest. I slept sitting up on our couch for a few hours last night. MOTHERHOOD is WONDERFUL! I need a special mommy shot, where I don't ever get sick OR TIRED! ;-) Please someone invent that for me!!!!!! K, Great!

At least she woke up in a good mood! I don't think Terri can be in a bad mood when Mr. Kristopher is here!

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