My little bus driver ;-)

Am I the only one that takes all the chairs out of the kitchen to mop? I know alot of people that just go around them. (DRIVES ME NUTS btw!!) I mop once a week and I always move my chairs. I've done this since I was a little girl. I guess this falls into my O.C. D.

Well yesterday during nap time (I LOVE it when the babies nap at the same time!!!!) I put the Ipod on the Ihome and me and Mason did some much needed coloring and then a little cleaning. He always helps me move the chairs to the hall or the living room. Well I noticed he had put the chairs in front of the door and then repositioned then two or three times. I didn't say anything I just snuck in my room and got the camera. My initial intention was to capture him singing the songs while he was so busy working. But by the time I gt back in the living room I realized what he was doing. . . He was driving the bus.

Sorry the pictures aren't great. I had to take them with the flash off so that he wouldn't notice me. As soon as I was noticed he told me that I had to play. He got in the "back seat" of the bus and started to be a bad boy.

How is it that this (almost 5YO) little boy (that has never been on a bus) knows that the "bad" kids sit in the back? Too much t.v. huh?


So I have to add this next picture, well b/c I am mean and I love to exploit EVERYONES bad pictures! MWAH HA HA HA!!! No I am kidding.

My little brother and his VERY pregnant girlfriend came over for a little while last night. I wouldn't accept NO for an answer when I pulled out the camera. Shoot, I even yelled at them until they stood up and took a somewhat "I'm huge and pretending to smile" picture.

So heres to being pregnant and miserable!!!!

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  • Andrea said...

    Awww...what a great 'lil bus driver! He's even got the bus driver hat on. haha ;)

  • Wendy said...

    I move the chairs too...I hate to mop so when I do, I make sure I get a good job:)

    Those pictures are great...It's so much fun to sneak up on our kids to catch these moments!! Too bad he ended up at the back of the bus...hope it's not a sign of things to come;)

    BTW: I love your header..did Andrea do that?

  • Anonymous said...

    Awww... he makes such a cute little bus driver!
    I move the chairs when I mop too. It bothers me if people just mop around the chairs. lol