Mom4Life Contest week ONE!

Okay I AM a fan of the site Mom4Life. Besides the fact that me and Heather the owner have the same birthday . . . our daughters BOTH have mullets! WHoooo Hoooo to mullets, Oh and I love love love their stuff.

Okay So on to the BIG/HUGE/GiNORMOUS news..... this whole month will be filed with special giveaways valued at over $1,450.00 only at Mom4Life. Click here to view them all in detail.Why all the giveaways? October 5th is Heathers birthday(mine too mine too!!) and this month marks the Mom 4 Life 4 year anniversary so they want to celebrate!

This week on their blog they are giving away a ton of great items valued over $442.27!

To take part in the giveaway this week: Email me a photo that includes the words "Mom 4 Life". She encourages you to be creative. You can include people if you like or really anything you like! Include your shipping address in your email so they know where to send your prizes should you win:).

The phots are posted on this page of their website. On October 11th at 9PM PST they will select the winner based on your votes. If you send your photo after the 8th they will still post them but you will want to send it as soon as you can so that it will be up when people start voting!

I just wanted to add that I am NOT entered in this weeks, and I am NOT getting poad to advertise. I just wanted to support all the moms out there that signed up for the contest. I know that my bloggy friend Steph is signed up, and so is my other bloggy frined Andrea. So if you aren't going to sign up, at least go over and vote for some of these awesome pictures. I LOVE the originality of Stephs. I also like....g, i, j (suprised she doesn't have more votes), K (STEPH), L(Andreas son Tate is TOO CUTE!!!), r(sweet), s(. . .lol, the lit'l boy ) x, hh (inventive), and especially ll!!!! Okay so they are all great, but I named my favs!! I think you can vote more than once. I'm note sure. I will have to ask.

By sending in your photo, you agree that they can use this photo for any and all Mom 4 Life purposes.

P.S. You can only vote once per computer but during that one vote you can choose as many photos to vote for as you like. Click here http://www.mom4life.com/pages/photovotingpage.php and see how it is worded.


Go watch last weeks video HERE....
I don't think I have ever watched one of her weekly winner videos and LAUGHED SO HARD! PLEASE go watch and within the first 2 minutes you will see what I am talking about. (It starts at about 7 min and 50 seconds!)

HEATHER, your face was priceless!!!!!!!!! ::busting at the seams laughing:: Its just one of those very awkward buy very funny moments every mom has to work through with out loosing her "mommy" sense of composure.

P.S. DON'T EAT the BROWNIES!!!!! {wax and ...::ahem::...Hunter snot. I'll pass! ;-) }

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