My new V803 camera and sick???

So by the end of the afternoon on Friday I basically felt like crap. Dry scratchy throat, headache...etc. I guess it didn't help that I went to a consignment sale with Mandie and then went for a few cocktails afterwards. Maybe the alcohol dried me out more. UGH! I felt so bad yesterday!! BUT I DID manage to get a few snapshots with my new camera!!! Clint gave me my gifts the other night at midnight, I guess he couldn't wait. We only got our kodak easyshare C533 this past Christmas. It is a nice point n shoot camera. I'm just not always pleased by the way some of the pictures turn out. So when I saw the difference from the 5 MP to the 8 MP...I was TICKLED!

Okay so here are a couple pictures I took of Louie...I don't think he feels good either!

My poor sick puppy! To make matters worse....Terri Jade is cutting her last back tooth. Which is giving us all a hard time! She cried and screamed most of the afternoon yesterday and then again for hours last night. I gave her tylenol but could not find the teething tablets. AHHH! I gave her her stacking blocks which she loves, and I even put on her Matcia designs hairband....which worked great until her blocks fell and she had a melt down. Poor emotional little thing!

You have to see THIS pathetic face!! Or THIS one when the blocks first fell...

Mason is the only one in the house not in a sour I don't feel good leave me alone mood. But he did manage to make me smile by showing me what I looked like....

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