No More Daddy Daycare Over Here!

I asked Clint if he could so kindly watch his daughter for a few minute so I could "work in the back yard".

In other much less glamorous words....pick up dog poop. :-)

After only two or three minutes I hear one of his mowers crank up. hmmm...."WHY would he be starting the mower if he's watching Terri?" . . .

I walk around the house to find ....this......


Now Clint will occasionally ride Terri around the yard on the four wheeler...but the LAWN MOWER????? NOT HAPPENING! He only made one tiny little cut before I walked around the house and he said,"I don't think this is safe, do you?" UMMM NO!

Mason had the camera in his hand (b/c he was taking pictures of our dogs...)

I HAD to capture this weeks random bit of stupidity on film!

On a much lighter note, Mason took some great pictures of the dogs!

Louie Deuce

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