Don't Go to Great Clips!!!

Or this could happen to you.....
*(this doesn't show what UNDER that brown flap of hair looked like NOR does it show the front!)*

Lydia my sweet sweet Lydia, DON'T ever go to Great Clips again!!

LUCKILY I have some hair clipping skills and I was able to help her out.
Here is a shot when I was almost done....

And then a front shot... :o)

(shes gonna hate this shot, she wasn't posing she was fixing her hair!!)

On a completely different note I want to Congratulate Lydia for her tremendous weight loss! Totaling thus far 22 lbs!!!

Lydia we are all proud of you we know you have worked really hard! ;-)

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  • Chas said...

    My mom is a hair stylist and salon owner, so I've been raised to believe places like Great Clips are of the devil, lol. That's where everyone goes for their first job straight out of hair school. Her hair does look good from the front though!

  • Stacey said...

    Good save Elizabeth! Yikes! I'm glad I have a friend who always cuts my hair, even if I have to go to the salon where she works and pay an arm and a leg.

  • Drea said...

    u really did help her out! shes a beautiful girl. im glad shes getting healthy. she'll be so much happier and feel so much better! The greatclips play did well on ur cut tho, remember? :-)

  • carol ~ i throw like a girl said...

    Great job on fixing her hair! It is a very cute cut.