Dare to BARE!

No don't go get naked! I was talking about your makeup! I was looking though pictures taken this weekend. Lydia (the babysitter) wanted me to put make up on her. So I did it. The girl was looking like she'd been to glamor shots!

I mean can I get a pat on the back? LOL But then I looked at ME<<<<

Right before Mason got in the tub....he had to get in on the camera action!

Here are the other dare to bare posts to show you the many bare faces of Elizabeth. (and many different hairstyles! HA HA) I LOVE what I wrote on the Get Real post {I dont care and neither do my kids!}

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  • Andrea said...

    hmmm...I'd say you look superb w/out make up :) I've worn make 2 times in my entire life! haha..really! I guess I just can't be bothered...btw...love that new years pic down there - you guys crack me up!!!

  • Wendy said...

    Beautiful:) The first thing I noticed was your eyes! I wish I could find makeup that I can wear:( It always makes my face break out if I wear it for more than a few days. So, it is saved for special occasions.

  • Drea said...

    new profile pic, new profile pic! :-) very pretty.

  • Sheena said...

    Lookin sexy *ranr*. You have a natural glow! I don't wear makeup either so it's easy to go bare! I see Mason's not afraid to go bare either, lol!