Whats Up with the Weather?

Cool to FREEZING! Then raining (NOT complaining on this one!) to HUMID and HOT!

A Trip to Target has to be FULLY bundled up!!

Then today its 72 degrees! ON JANUARY 6TH!!!!! Whats up OZONE?

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  • crazy working mom said...

    It's the same way here, girlfriend. We've made it by thankfully with no tornadoes in our area, but I think other's have not been so lucky! It's just crazy.

  • Wendy said...

    The weather is crazy everywhere! We went from -12 to 60's today! I am not complaining, but a little consistency would be nice:) LOL!!I still can't even bring the kids out because our driveway is so slippery. All the snow is melting then freezing so smooth at night. Once it melts again during the day it gets all slippery. WAH! Poor me!!