A broken camera is a GREAT way to start the New Year!

I got a package in the mail today...some new products for review over at DE.

What better way to try out products then a trip to the park! I go to grab the camera to try and get a quick shot of the fabric to send Drea and.......

wah waaah waaaahhhhhh....My camera that I got ON my birthday last year (IN OCTOBER) is BROKE! ::GRRRRR::

OHHH NOOOO! WHHHHHY ME? I just KNOW Clint's gonna be furious! But when I told him he wasn't that upset. We jumped in the car and headed to Best Buy. Too bad HE threw the receipt away two days earlier! (grumbles) At first the customer service lady told us "too bad, no refunds or exchanges over $100." Grrreeeaaaaat! Luckily my hubby has a way with people! Oh and he's pretty big and intimidating! (WHAT? LOL.....I take full advantage of his big muscle man stature!) The manager was all to willing to do an exchange!

We passed on exchanging for the same camera...we upgraded! WHOOO HOO!

Canon PowerShot SD750 o

Which got MUCH better reviews than the Kodak!


The picture quality is SO much better! REALLY!

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