Li-Lys back....oh and santa came early! :-P

Yep Lydia is BACK! YEAH! For those of you that don't know LiLy is our babysitter. She is a nut and she is back. In May she moved to her dads almost 3 hours away. We are just glad that she decided to move back to her moms. Our Family as well as our church missed her very much!

So when Lydia and Lindsay came over today they decided to tag along with me and the lit'l ones to Target and pick up Santas gift to Terri. . . A NEW PINK CHAIR! (Thank you Uncle Kelly!)

We had tons of fun in the toy section!!!!!!!!
We got Terri a chair that we saw a few weeks ago....she had a FIT over it! I am so doing her room over....bye bye yellow...HELLLLLLOOOO PINK!!

Terri kept giving LiLy these SLOPPPY WET KISSES!!!!
I thought it was sweet. Lydia was kinda grossed out! :-D

**Don't tell Mason he didn't go with us and HE CAN'T know that Santa is chilling in the attic till Monday night! ;-D

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