Webkins style Tetris

So Mason has accumulated a few Webkins. For those of you that don't know these are stuffed animals that you buys that have a tags on them that are virtual pets as well. You can go online and "adopt" your pet. Name it, give it a gender, decorate its home, buy it clothes, feed it, put it to bed.. and so on. You can get a "job" to earn cash, take quizes (in math, social studies and history; depending on your age which you have to do to get jobs) and you can also play games.

ONE of the games Masons loves is one of my old favorites from when I was his age, Tetris. I remember when we got the Game Boy. ahhh I remember it as if it were yesterday. [I'm not that old so its not been that long ago, well I gues its been 19 years HOLY COW!!!!] I can see it now... opening an empty package with my big brother Johnny to send us to another room to another empty package in ANOTHER room, until finally there it was beside the grandfather clock an old shoe box with ugly wrapping paper. We opened it to find Our (yes we shared-isn't it sweet.) Game Boy. With the Game Boy we got Castlevania (Johnny took this one over, I was fine with that.) and Tetris (oh so MINE!) I was the master. I couldn't be touched. My hand eye coordination was amazing after playing that game. But I had to focus....something SERIOUS!

Guess WHO has it on their Webkins game now and loves it???

Thats right! My Peanut! Its called Bamboo Break but he loves it. After he gets all his homework done he gets 20 minutes or so of computer time before bath and this is right were he goes..... :-D

I'm shocked at how well he does on the trivia too. Hes moved up to the 8 year old trivia questions. He misses alot but he's already passed the 7 year old stuff. congrats to my baby! (reminder hes only 6)

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