143 in an ART CLASS?

so WHERE do you want me to squat?

ahhh haa

I did sign Mason up for a 3 day art class at our church. It isn't affiliated with our church however. I found this out upon arriving. WHEN THE I NOTICED that there weren't any parking spaces left. I was only 6 minutes late! All I have to say is that HOMESCHOOL MOMS are something ferocious about maintaining their daily schedule. I guess it hasn't quite rubbed off yet. SO I'm walking up to a LINE 6 minutes after I'm supposed to be at the church and see a good friend. I then ask "so exactly WHO are all these ppl?" after a moment of stunned staring exchanged between the two of us. Her reply "so yeah I just found out that this is for ALL the moms of kids in CHARLOTTE that wanted to come"


Can our fellowship hall hold 143 students...NOT COUNTING moms?

answer: YES (like sardines)

This is a picture of a THIRD of the kids.

Don't you like how the mom in the teal is doing her sons work? ::snickering:: I am pretty sure I helped Mason out a bit too but I at least held his hand while helping. :-P

I am actually quite impressed with the first days learned curriculum. Mason is doing his assigned work here in just a few moments....

But this is what he did today.

Here he is MIXING some paint:

Here is the SMILE on his face while painting!


Then he does the big reveal...


I am so proud. As always. Even when our children make mistakes, its okay as long as they try their best and have fun and hopefully learn something in the process!!

I am working with Mason on this right now with his reading, and writing. He gets very frustrated that Mommy can write so pretty or can read so much. I try to explain that it will come with patience and practice, but for a 5YO this can be tough. I constantly reassure him that in life there will be things that he won't be the best at and that as long as he keeps trying he will keep improving. ahhh patience.

Here is the work on the refrigerator tonight. PLEASE click to check out the detail that Mason put into his work! (Even though he can't read my blog YET he will see the pictures and know that mommy is always proud of his work!!)

This is the back. They learned some drawing techniques and shading as well.

Oh crap I almost forgot about the FOUR assignment he has for homework. shooot!

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