Time to Break the Silence!?!

...even though I can't get into details. *eh making promises for others selfish needs STINKS*

I just wanted to say that I'm alive and well. For the most part that is. ::smiles:: I'm still dealing with my endo pain daily, and the migraines come and go....but other than that I'm so blessed to be where I'm at right now. I'm sure theres at least ONE person whose reading this rolling his their eyes, but my life in the past .....end-feb, march, april and may...has taken a dramatic leap. I've moved. Let me rephrase, me and the children have moved. (won't say where) ;-) Along with some minor living adjustments I'm on a new road. I'm not sure day to day if it's gonna be good or bad from the reciprocating end....but I lift my hands up and just ask that we get through this as easily as possible.

I think this transition has been hardest on....him ME. The kids are absolutely in every way fine. More than fine b.c now that they know they can play both sides. ::snickering:: I'm teasing of course. Mason and Terri in whatever crowd, in whatever house, in whatever room are going to be loved. Regardless whats happening. THAT is my main purpose in life.

Don't get me wrong, boy they test me, because they CAN Like more than before. Children really do need a positive male role model in their life to help guide them. I've always said this and can't say it enough, WE as mothers are much too merciful on our children at times. When daddy, or paw-paw walk in a room all of a sudden its little halos back on top of their heads. Meanwhile I now that I'm the one thats with them 6 days a week and has to do the punishing. Oh what you thought I was going to say that I don't yell? psssft! W.E. !! I'm the queen. ha haa. I've always tried to do that whole I'm in charge voice tone. M & T don't even pause. .. .they're like yeah ::throw in boo boo face:: we'll get outta this trouble in ohhh.....5 seconds. grrrrrr... IF THEY weren't so darn CUTE!!!!

anywho. I'm here. alive and well! ;-)
most recent pic of the kids...

sitting in a river on our trip to Mt.Bervard.

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  • Courtney said...

    ummm...I hope everything is okay and this was a little vague, but you and yours are definitely in my prayers....hope it all gets better soon.

  • Mason and Terri's Mom said...

    Courtney I can't get to your blog!~

  • Jennifer said...

    SOOOOOO glad to see you back on here!! Even though we don't technically "know" each other; I was worried that things weren't good with your health. Hope to see you posting more often!!!

  • designHER Momma said...

    I've wondered how you are doing. We've missed you!

    Sounds like big changes have been in the making, hopefully for the better.

    Hope to see you blogging more often, I'm praying for you girlfriend!

  • Gina said...

    glad to hear you are doing ok Elizabeth.

  • Tasha said...

    Missed you. Glad to hear you are ok..In a sence. Hoep everything works out for you and the kids. What ever is going on I'm sure you are doing the best thing!

  • Kell Rees said...

    I know just how you feel, sometimes i think it's just not fair how much better my kids are when there is a male around. My kids have been pushing me to my limits lately where at the end of the day i feel so guilty for all the yelling i've done just to get them to listen alittle bit.
    Hope everything works out for the best for you. I'm sure you did what you thought best for you and your kids, your in my thoughts and prayers!

  • Courtney said...

    So I just saw this comment from you...sorry, you should've e-mailed me...crstevens402@gmail{dot}com

  • Stephanie said...

    Your blog is adorable!
    Endo pain is horrible. I have it myself. It's probably why we never we able to conceive a child. But I am finally ok with that after years of therapy and a major attitude adjustment!!
    I'll be back...your blog is enjoyable!

  • Are You A Mom said...

    I am now following you...wanna walk in circles with me? ;)
    Your blog is great..made me laugh...please stop by and say hi