Sneek Peak-The Shiner

I couldn't resist posting this picture. I really didn't want too bc. of TERRIS HEAD. BUT the kids were just so sweet I had too. (I started making hairbows and hairbow holders and Terri is my "tester"!)
Also notice Masons eye? The slight "shine"? THAT would be his first black eye in the making. Today on the playground the boychild and his buddy had a head on collision. Our conversation was so adorable when I went to get him from school. (purse loaded down with sweets and stickers of course)

He said "Mommy me and my friend cried."
did you? was everyone looking at you?
"I didn't care. I was hurting so bad. The other boy stopped but I just kept crying cause my face and heart hurt so bad."
Oh honey I'm so sorry. Does it feel okay now?
Yeah a little better ::holds icepack to his JAW instead of his eye::
I'm glad
Miss. _____ (insert teachers name) rubbed my back until the other teacher came to take me to the nurse office. She did it good like you mommy. She must be a great mommy too.

::holds heart DEEP breath::

God I love this child.

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