Little Sassy....POSE of the Week!

Everyone has their favorite pictures for the week...I think this is a great way to showcase your favorite shots. I'm gonna switch it up a bit....

My daughter is a sassy little thing with a LOT of personality. (I mean ALOT) Terri has a way of captivating a room when she walks in. Rarely do people believe me when I tell them that shes' only 2 1/2. Miss Thang has the vocabulary of a 4 or 5 year old and easily could outtalk one too. Yeah I know she got it from her mama.

We went to the post office today to weigh a package and Terri starts up a conversation with the lady behind me. "Hey, Dats my MOM. Her names Ewizabef _____ _____ "(yeah she included the maiden name) Then Terri asked the lady "Whats yer name?" ::waits for response:: "I wike that name, my name is Terri Jade ____"

GEEEEEZ Terri you don't happen to know your social and street address do you? THANK GOD! lol This lady was baffled when I told her Terris age. Then when we left Terri said "bye suzy" lol

I couldn't remember the ladies name and SHE DID!

Well from now on I'm gonna try to get a POSE of the WEEK...since Terri is so INTO her posing abilities now ....I'm gonna have to show some of em out.

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  • Izzy 'N Emmy said...

    Oh My!! She is a cute little thing! And I cannot believe she had such a convo at the post office. That is hilarious!

  • Courtney said...

    That is hilarious! I had one of those who is now 4 & will tell random people in the store her address, birthday, sister's birthday & phone number. Needless to say we have had A LOT of conversations regarding what she can & can't say.

  • Courtney said...

    The other one...shy & quiet as a mouse...funny how that works

  • Kell Rees said...

    I still think that if we lived closer terri and hailey would be the best of friends!:)
    They have the exact same personalities. Ever since i started reading your blog I can't believe how alike they are!
    So i know how you've got your hands full with this little diva!

  • Lisa Loo said...

    O MY GOODNESS!! I am trying to catch up on everyone on my blog list---should have come here first!! She is SOO cute and this picture just really shows her personality! Sounds like you are doing okay----how do you get anything done with this face to look at all the time??!!

  • Tasha said...

    You better watch that girl! LOL