Facebook Addicts beware!

I can't help it. I'm a sucker to all social media networks. You name it, I've done it or at least tried it. But my biggest obsessions right now are of course Twitter, Facebook and yes Myspace. (great way to keep up with younger siblings and church youth)

The hilarity of "Facebook Fever" is video blogged by Christine of and I can't seem to stop laughing about it. I just love her videos she seems to see everything in my perspective....LIKE

********SIDE NOTE about FACEBOOK************
My cousin Christi just warned me that EVERYTHING but on Facebook is copyrighted by them. When you sign up for Facebook you agree to this. Quotes, sayings, PICTURES. EVERYTHING. SO if your the person thats gonna come up with the next "THATS HOT" saying then don't put it on Facebook first cause your signing if over to them!

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