Please be in prayer....

for a couple of our friends... as of yesterday Rob and his wife Amanda were expecting their fourth, going into labor she felt a bit uneasy. After getting to the hospital and starting the pitocin they couldn't get a heart beat(which surprisingly is NOT uncommon-due to the position of the baby), so they were going to go in vaginally and attach a monitor to the babies head only to find that the baby at 40 weeks had passed. Complications due to a "small" umbilical cord. Is all we were told up until last night.

This is extremely hard for Amanda and Rob, this would have been their 4th little blessing.

[for those of you that know me personally this IS NOT Amanda L***** my best friend that lives in Germany(also married coincidentally to a Robert).] This is a friend of Clints Rob and his wife that I just met this past year. very sweet couple that is having a tremendously hard time grieving and trying to explain to their children how and why this has happened. Please keep them and their children in your thoughts and prayers.

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