UPDATE on Baby Bryson.

Okay so its official...I'M in LOVE!!

I got to hold Bryson tonight for a WHOLE HOUR! He likes "give us clean hands"!! I was singing it to him and he just relaxed and went to sleep. They said that he has been sleeping with one eye cracked...UNTIL I held him. AWE!! His loves his auntie! I LOVE him too.

Can you think of that new baby smell? How wonderfully sweet it is!! :'-(

He still has fluid on his brain and his head is still bleeding, but his breathing tubes are out and he is able to be held. Amber and Josh have both had their turns, so has her mom and sister (I hope their evil didn't rub off). Everyone was gone by 6:30 and I stayed with them till 11:15. While she went back to the room and rested I got to stay with Bryson. (Wasn't supposed to, but the RN was SUPER nice!!) I want them in my home so bad. I want to help Josh and AMber the best I can. I know that they will be safe here, and that she will get plenty of rest, and him PLENTY of love.

Keep up the prayers! That there will be no long term damage. Say another prayer that Clint will open up his home them. I know he cares, I just think that he feels that this home isn't equipt for that many people. I hope that he bends for a few weeks at least!

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  • The Stevens Family said...

    The Please Read and Pray is not showing up. I just stopped by because of blogrush. Nice to meet you.

  • Andrea said...

    I'm SO happy to hear that Bryson has at least survived the first bit! I will keep praying for him and you all...it's just breaks my heart to hear stories where there are complications with birth...I will pray that Clint will open his home to your bro and his girlfriend and Bryson too!!

  • Anonymous said...

    I will continue to pray for all of you. So glad Bryson was allowed to be held. Praying that Clint will open your home and that Bryson's health will continue to improve!

  • VICTORIA said...

    I too, am praying for this innocent boy. I could not even imagine the heartache. Godspeed!

  • Adventures In Babywearing said...

    Thank you for the update! I believe all will be well!


  • Jessie said...

    Awesome, I hope that he continues to grow and thrive! We took in an extra person and although it gets tough sometimes that is what family is for. I will pray that Clint realizes this - it is only temporary. Thanks for the update and enjoy that little blessing! Pictures????

  • Carla said...

    Will continue to pray! I am so glad that you are bonding and loving him up!! :)