Car wash and a fussy baby.

Today we went to the car wash with Daddy....

Fun Fun!
[Mason helped with the washing and Terri just walked around and looked cute.]

Can I just add that Terri loves her some JOSSSSSSH!!

*(This is our FRIEND Josh not my little brother.)*

We left and went to eat and then back home where my nephew Bryson was waiting on me. Well technically Josh and Amber were waiting on me. :-) They dropped him off around 2 and he was the haaaaaaaaaaapppppppiiiest thing. UNTILL about 7:30, ::sigh:: WHAT did I do wrong? He cried and cried and crrrrrriiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeddddd! Oh and of course Amber didn't have her cell phone on her. (she left it in the car) grrrrrr!!!! Josh told me before they left that his was dead and to call hers. ::double grrrrrr:: I have to admit that when Josh called at NINE OCLOCK I had lost my temper. Two hours of crying I can deal with. . .but parents that don't call or return a call. OHHH BOY! Josh was more than apologetic, he said Amber wasn't aware that her phone was in the car....blah blah blah waaah waaaah waaaaah waaaaah. He THEN told me that Amber had start (a couple weeks ago) to put Bryson to sleep in a BOUNCY seat. HMMM>>>WONDER WHY HE WAS SOOO GRUMPY? lol Oh and OF COURSE as Josh tells me he is on the way Bryson is the perfect angel the rest of the time. :-)

Terri reeeeaaaaaaalllly loves her cousin. Like can't stop touching him, giving him toys, bippies etc......

He is just too cute!

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