Final Friday update...

So they released Bryson last night.

Seeing as how he has improved gradually everyday, I guess they saw no use in keeping him at the Hospital. If his fluid isn't gone by his one week check up then we will see what the doctors say. Until then...
Amber Josh and Baby Bryson stayed HERE last night.

It was a BUSY BUSY night....the Rainbow lady came. (WONDERFUL vacuum...horrible presentation.)

I let Josh and Amber go to sleep around 11ish and I kept the baby. OH THE TORTURE...(::insert sarcasm::) He was an ANGEL! SO Josh and Amber roomed in with Mason. They luckily called bottom bunk. I wish I had a spare room...but at least they had a full sized bed.

I fed the baby at midnight
again at 2:30 again @ 6:00a.m. and then at 9:15. I did call Keziah (my 11YO neighbor) to see if she would come get Terri so I could nap. I didn't want to wake Josh and Amber up. I knew that they hadn't had a full nights rest in a WHILE! (remember being 8 and 9 months preggers and having to pee 50x a night?)

Josh was almost upset that I let him sleep till 10:30, he was affraid that he missed somethin. They DID go to her parents house this morning to try and work things out with her parents. REMEBER they are 18 and 20.

so here is the baby beside my bed last night>>>>
(he is sleeping on his side b/c of the back of his head is still sore)

Wanna know how Mason spent the first 3 hours in the waiting room on Monday night??

Thank the Lord for cartoons... action figures, doritos , fruit and animal crackers.
oh and his softy puppy!

he was a trooper!

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  • Drea said...

    I just have one thing to ask...


    Your such a good friend and sister. And look how peaceful he is beside you!

    Some just have the touch.

  • Andrea said...

    Bryson is just precious...I hope all goes well with him!! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new look of your blog. :)

  • Carla said...

    Checking in on you and your newest love! I will be praying for Bryson's little family.

  • Wendy said...

    you are an awesome sister!! I was so happy to hear that little Bryson is home!